Adult Karate Classes Prosper

Aguilera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Studio provides a ranging array of engaging classes for all ages, adults and kids. One of our most prevalent and engaging classes is our Adult Karate classes and Kids Karate Training, for Prosper residents. Located in Prosper, our location provides structure and convenience for young and old. Karate is the definitive method of achieving and maintaining fitness, all the while building confidence, developing self-discipline, improving athletic skills in a high energy intensive environment.

Adult Karate Classes

Our adult karate classes concentrate on several zones of development, for every student. First, we address the need for improved convenience.  Convenience is a novelty that has only recently become important, due the increased pace of everyday life.  When life was slower, convenience was not even considered. Therefore, if a class is not convenient or fits nicely into people’s schedule, then adults will not attend. We have selected a location easily reachable coupled with a program routine that is efficient, effective and comfortable, while applying a flexible schedule. Second, we have focused on the fitness aspect. We aim to service adults with a program with a well-polished solution. Our solution zooms in on your whole body, in every karate class. The third zone for our adults falls directly in line with our fitness zone, weight control. Our adult karate classes promote the maintenance of a healthy weight. Students will experience positive changes in their body from the beginning of training. Consistent heart rate maintained by a steady pace results in the all-important increased calorie burn and cardiovascular health. Our fourth zone and probably the most intangible and varying development speed, is the one everyone needs and that is confidence and well-being. Adults, in Prosper, look for and want to build confidence in their children, however they most often forget their own well-being.  Adults that progress through our adult karate classes, in Prosper, often do not realize the increase in their self-confidence right away.  Each student develops confidence at a different pace. Some develop it very quickly and others develop much slower and need added positive influence. With increased skill and understanding, adults will grow their sense of confidence and peace. The unexpected confidence leads to reduced stress and greater success, happiness, and contentment, both at work and home. The final zone of karate attributes is probably the most apparent advantage of adult karate classes and the reason most people initially sign up, the development of self-defense skills. The mastering of self-defense skills provides every student with a peace of mind like no other class can provide.  From awareness to good judgement, karate provides the skills necessary to deal with the situations life throws at you. The ability to defend one’s self is an attribute no one can take away from you.

Kids Karate Training

As with adults, kids receive the same benefits from karate training, in Prosper. Confidence is vital at a young age to begin learning, with the added benefit of getting kids up and moving. The increase in childhood obesity has rang the bell of action. Increasing the fitness and the love thereof is a positive attribute most adults wished they had learned. Then there are the amazing benefits of children learning and building their ability to defend themselves.  Real world applicable teaching, that provides both confidence and practical tools to use throughout their lives.  All of our methods and class lessons are calculated specifically with your child’s safety in mind and it is our top priority. Several leading medical and psychology studies recommend sending children with ADHD and other behavioral and discipline problems to a martial arts school to increase their focus, concentration, and self-control. Karate develops strength and coordination while teaching children how to avoid conflicts and defend themselves if attacked.

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