Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Prosper

The concept of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is beautiful and graceful with thousands of unique techniques. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport, developed for a smaller person to defend oneself against a larger adversary. The techniques use leverage and proper form. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came on the scene in the early 1900s, founded by Gastago Gracie, who united the arts of judo a traditional Japanese jujutsu.  Ground fighting maneuvers are the most well-known, however, it does contain many stand up maneuvers, all of which are devastating and demoralizing, if used appropriately. The ability to apply the many chokes, holds, locks and joint manipulations on an opponent is what raises Brazilian Jiu Jitsu above other martial arts.

Marco Aguilera saw the need in Prosper and that it deserved a Martial Art Studio that could make Brazilian Jiu Jitsu accessible to everyone. In the beginning, most Prosper students are overwhelmed by the sheer number of moves and maneuvers and often think they need to learn a complicated maneuver quickly.  The prevailing thought is it will aid in their self-defense, with the belief it’s better to be really good at a few versus learning the fundamentals. This is a flawed belief and we discourage working on these techniques before the fundamentals are in place and second nature. The establishment of a firm foundation of basic techniques will be vital to your growth. Why not learn ta few hard techniques first? The answer is common sense, there are literally thousands of maneuvers, only being good a few may serve you well early but opponents will quickly adapt and then you will be basically a one hit wonder.  A strong foundation of fundamentals and basic techniques will lay the ground work for you to adapt on the fly and counter your opponent in any situation. Remember, the basics are essential for a single, simple reason: THEY WORK!

The techniques best for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beginners, include (no particular order):

  • Straight Arm bar from Guard
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Guard Replacement with Hip Escape
  • Elbow to Knee Escape vs Mount
  • Triangle Choke from Guard
  • Americana Lock (Ude Garami) from Side Control
  • Cross Collar Choke from Guard
  • Hip Bump Sweep
  • Bullfighter Guard Pass (“Toreando”)
  • Guillotine Choke from Different Positions
  • Straight Arm lock from Mount
  • Headlock Escape from Standing and on the Ground
  • Over-Under Guard Pass
  • “Upa” / Bridge and Roll Escape vs Mount
  • Scissor Sweep
  • Double Leg Takedown

Why were these techniques selected?

  • Build skills that later can be used for more advanced variations
  • Highest percentage techniques for each of the major ground positions
  • Widely used by your opponents
  • Can be used by you for a very long time, throughout your training
  • Relatively simplistic
  • Universal techniques

The Gracie family developed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu further, beginning in 1925. Quickly becoming known as Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The Gracie’s founded the first Federation of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil in 1967, focusing on a safe setting for Jiu Jitsu competition and elevating it to sports status. Rorian Gracie brought the sport to the United States in 1978 and named it “Gracie Jiu Jitsu” because of the confusion with traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

Aguilera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is focused on lifelong learning and self-improvement. Our team of instructors are here to guide, instruct and motivate you. Whether you want to compete, or just to learn, we have a class for you, in Prosper!