Kickboxing McKinney

We are looking for McKinney residents looking for beginner kickboxing lessons. Aguilera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Studio is proud to be the premier kickboxing studio next door to McKinney.

What Is Kickboxing?

A question we receive often when new students inquire about our services. The origins of kickboxing date back approximately 2,000 years, however, modern kickboxing started in the 70s.  Modern kickboxing emerged from the need for full contact kicks and punches in competition that had been banned in karate. Over time, the health and safety concerns began to rise thus padding, protective clothing, and safety rules. These changes resulted in various forms which differ in techniques and amount of allowed physical contact. The most popular form, in McKinney, is aerobic kickboxing combining boxing, martial arts, and aerobics.

Kickboxing is growing quickly in popularity for its physical fitness benefits.  However, it can be very intimidating because some find learning how to punch and kick someone in the head a scary experience. It will make things easier, especially if you’re a beginner, to know what to expect and we will try to give you some insight here and upon your initial visit.

Types of Kickboxing

As stated, aerobic kickboxing has become very popular, however there are several other forms of kickboxing. All kickboxing refers back to a basic combat sport / martial art.  Freestyle kickboxing descended from karate. Basically, it couples boxing punches and karate kicks. Other forms of kickboxing include: sanshou, Muay Thai, French savate, and cardio kickboxing (boxercise). Different martial arts appeal to different people, so we will help you find the right one for you.

Intensity is the name of the game in kickboxing.  It is an intense cardiovascular workout with intervals of short burst of activity punctuated by short rests.  As added benefit, stress will be reduced due to the hitting bags and pads used during class. The main thing is learning how to defend yourself, which can boost your confidence. For beginners, we emphasize safety and proper form. We start slow and steady with protective gear required. As a beginner, we do not expect you to be Chuck Norris.  We want you to focus on the basics and the rest will come.

If you have little to no experience kickboxing, then our beginner-level class will set you off on the right foot. Our beginner lessons focus on providing answers to the why questions:

  • Why do I stand this way?
  • Why do I punch this way?
  • Why do I keep my hands up?

We focus on the fundamentals to teach proper technique, while demonstrating why it is important. Offensive and defensive maneuvers are taught by our instructors and then you will apply the techniques on partners in a safe and effective manner.  We have designed our programs for self-paced progress.  Expect to be Amazed.

Kids Kickboxing Classes McKinney

Same as beginner kickboxing lessons.  Our kids kickboxing classes are designed for new trainees, yet at the level kids can learn, while making it fun. Kids are stuck at school for long periods of time.  That time is spent mainly in a small desk with very little activity.  By the time they get home they are ready for some major exercise.  Why not get them involved in a sport like kickboxing that teaches discipline, while providing a fun time of fitness. Safety being foremost.  The students will learn many new skills along the way:

  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced focus
  • Better listening, longer attention span
  • Heightened leadership skills
  • Improved attitude, behavior and self-control
  • Better balance, motor skills and coordination
  • Physical strength and conditioning
  • To instill the values of hard work and self-discipline
  • To cultivate a sense of poise and calm
  • Increased sportsmanship, social skills and cooperation

Call or fill out our short form online and let one of our team members answer any questions you might have. Also, we can get you signed up for one of our classes.